Georges (Georgy) Cziffra;  Dervaux   -  Liszt & Tchaikowsky   (Archipel 0375)
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Georges (Georgy) Cziffra;  Dervaux   -  Liszt & Tchaikowsky   (Archipel 0375)
P0614. GYÖRGY CZIFFRA: Études d’exécution transcendante – Paysage & Mazeppa; w.Dervaux Cond. Paris Conservatoire Orch.: Hungarian Fantasia (all Liszt); w.Dervaux Cond. NDRF S.O.: Concerto #1 in b (Tchaikowsky). (Germany) Archipel 0375, recorded 1957. Very long out-of-print, Final Sealed Copy! - 4035122403756


“Georges (Gyórgy) Cziffra was a phenomenon. Unquestionably one of the great pianists of his, indeed of any, generation….As with the whiplash quality of Horowitz, or the Puckish capriciousness of Cherkassky, there was an individuality about Cziffra’s playing which marked him out from other lesser artists.”

- Charles Hopkins, INTERNATIONAL PIANO QUARTERLY, Autumn, 1997

“How else can you describe Cziffra who, so to speak, soars high above the crowd without a safety net in his glittering finery, all tailored to make audiences tremble and perspire?....All of those infamous or celebrated explosions of sound – as if a grenade had been tossed into the piano – and rapid crescendi within the bar are on full and unapologetic display.”

- Bryce Morrison, GRAMOPHONE, June, 2009