Julius Block's Dawn of Recording         (3-Marston 53011)
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Julius Block's Dawn of Recording         (3-Marston 53011)
P0669. The Dawn of Recording – The Julius Block Cylinders, incl. the only known recordings of Leo & Jules Conus, Anton Arensky, Paul Pabst, Sergei Taneyev, Anna Essipova, Jan Hrímalý, Anatoly Brandukov, Paul Juon, Sandra Droucker, Vladimir Wilschaw, Leonid Kreutzer, Waldemar Liachowsky, Joseph & Michael Press.  There are also the earliest surviving recordings of Jascha Heifetz, Eddy Brown, Egon Petri, Josef Hofmann, Maria Ivanova Gutheil, Elizaveta Lavrovskaya, Nikolai Figner, Mlle Nikita (Louisa Margaret Nicholson), Vasily Samus, Adele Borghi, Maria Klimentova, Eugenia Jurjevna Werdan, Lavrentii Donskoi, Evgeny Dolinin, Thérèse Leschetizkaya-Dolinina & Elena Gerhardt (w.Arthur Nikisch).  Also featuring the speaking voices of Elena Gerhardt, Arthur Nikisch, Leo Tolstoy, Countess Sofia Andreevna Tolstaya, Pyotor Ilyich Tchaikovsky, Julius Block, Anton Rubinstein, etc.  Transfers by Ward Marston.  Exhaustive notes by John Anthony Maltese, Gregor Benko & Ward Marston, featuring informative thumbnail biographies & photos of each artist represented.  Starting in 1889, that which is now recognized as one of the earliest dates to record music, Julius Block recorded some of the most important artists and personalities of his time on cylinder.  His cylinders range in date from 1889 to 1927, and were recorded in Russia, Germany, and Switzerland.  This three-CD set includes artists who have previously remained "silent" and will change the conception of many artists whose discographies up until now were thought to be complete.  3-Marston 53011. - 638335301129


“Of all of the historical recordings to have been transferred to LP or CD over the years, none has made my eyes pop out of my head quite so far as this three-disc set painstakingly restored by Ward Marston. Most of this review could be taken up by listing the only known recordings by a particular musician and the first recordings of a particular composer that are contained in the 95 tracks. These are referred to in the immaculately presented and annotated 71-page booklet, jaw droppers for pianophiles, fiddle-fanciers and vocal fans alike….Anyone remotely interested in the history of recording, of piano-playing, of violin-playing and of singing will want to acquire this set.”

- Jeremy Nicholas, GRAMOPHONE, June, 2009

“What must be the ultimate expression of Marston’s passionate advocacy has now materialised in Marston’s new presentation THE DAWN OF RECORDING – The Julius Block Cylinders….Few words could emphasize the musical importance of these recordings….Josef Hofmann’s cylinders, recorded in 1895 and 1896 are among the best sounding….The sound is amazing on five cylinders recorded in 1890 and 1891 by the soprano ‘Nikita’, an American named Margaret Nicholson, who was a great star, now forgotten….Jascha Heifetz’s cylinders, recorded one week after his sensational début with Arthur Nikisch and the Berlin Philharmonic in 1912, contain five selections he did not otherwise record, and are thrilling. We can hear his boyish voice making some of the announcements….Block understood the artistic importance of the phonograph as a means for preserving performance in a way that the machine’s inventor [Edison] did not….Hope has been fulfilled against the most outstanding odds. On these cylinders you can hear how music was played before our era. It was glorious.”

- Gregor Benko, CLASSIC RECORD COLLECTOR, Autumn, 2008