Mindru Katz;   Yuval Zaliouk      (Cembal d'Amour 142)
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Mindru Katz;   Yuval Zaliouk      (Cembal d'Amour 142)
P0685. MINDRU KATZ, w.Yuval Zaliouk Cond. BBC Welsh S.O.: Concerto #22 in E-flat, K.482 (Mozart), Live Performance, 31 Dec., 1974; w.Yuval Zaliouk Cond. BBC Scottish S.O.: Concerto #2 in f (Chopin), Live Performance, 31 May, 1975. Cembal d’Amour 142. - 798167997225


“The name of Mindru Katz is by now most probably a bell-ringer only for connoisseurs of great pianism. Katz didn’t make a large number of commercial records, and those he did make enjoyed only selective Eastern Bloc circulation….Posterity owes a great debt to intrepid labels like Cembal d’Amour for their dedicated collection, rehabilitation, and publication of rare privately-made aircheck documentation of great but under-recorded virtuosos like Katz….[The Chopin concerto] is not only beautiful; it’s manly and exciting, downright Byronic – and it is now the interpretation by which I shall measure all other recordings.”

- William Trotter, AMERICAN RECORD GUIDE, Nov./Dec., 2009