Liszt Students play Liszt              (2-Pierian 0039/40)
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Liszt Students play Liszt              (2-Pierian 0039/40)
P0758. Liszt Students play Liszt, incl. Bernard Stavenhagen, Eugen d’Albert, Arthur Friedheim, Emil von Sauer, José Vianna da Motta, Alexander Siloti, Alfred Reisenauer, Vera Timanoff, Richard Burmeister, George Liebling, Konrad Ansorge & Fredric Lamond (incl. Lamond speaking of his first meeting with Liszt and their subsequent lessons, 6 March, 1945). 2–Pierian 0039/40, from Piano Rolls, 1905-26, from the Caswell Collection. - 884501274593


“The sound is outstanding. Caswell’s piano has an astonishingly wide range of textures, timbres and dynamics. Some pieces are supremely vibrant and dashing….As remarkable as all these rhapsodies are for their flashy virtuosity and fiery tempos, they are far more impressive in that all their tones retain their life force. In other words, the lines still sing….[there is] a mystic aura over the release, but that is nothing compared to its pure sonic effect. There is a depth and mystery to the sounds….This is a veritable portal through time.”

- Brent Auerbach, AMERICAN RECORD GUIDE, Nov./Dec., 2010