Jorge Bolet,  Johanssen & Claudio Arrau    (2-Marston 52065)
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Jorge Bolet,  Johanssen & Claudio Arrau    (2-Marston 52065)
P0810. LISZT ILLUMINATED, incl. Jorge Bolet, Gunnar Johanssen & Claudio Arrau. 2-Marston 52065, partially Live Performances. Transfers by Ward Marston. Booklet features discographic information, photos & extensive notes by Frank Cooper. Out-of-Print! Final copy! - 638335206523


“It is with great pride and pleasure that the American Liszt Society sponsors the release of this 2-CD set on the occasion of the bicentennial of the birth of Franz Liszt. This compilation preserves contributions of three pianists (all American Liszt Society medal winners) to the performance legacy of the compositions and transcriptions of Liszt. Claudio Arrau, Jorge Bolet, and Gunnar Johansen each provide a unique perspective on Liszt's genius. Insightful notes are provided by Frank Cooper, Research Professor of Musicology at the University of Miami. In addition, personal recollections of their respective teachers are provided by Ira Levin, Gordon Rumson, and Garrick Ohlsson.”

- Z. D. Akron