Liszt Recital - Dohnanyi, Bartok, Fischer, Kentner, Cziffra  (Hungaroton 32704)
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Liszt Recital - Dohnanyi, Bartok, Fischer, Kentner, Cziffra  (Hungaroton 32704)
P0817. Liszt Recital, incl. Ernö Dohnányi, Béla Bartók, Annie Fischer, Lajos Kentner & György Cziffra. (E.U.) Hungaroton 32704. - 5991813270429

Franz Liszt not only played a key role in founding the Hungarian Royal Music Academy, but also actively helped to make its piano department thrive from the very opening of the establishment in 1875 until his death eleven years hence. His pupils – particularly Arpad Szendy and Istvan Thoman – carried on Liszt’s spirit as a performer and teacher, and with his musical–pedagogical legacy they established the Academy-level piano education in Hungary. Through Thoman all the artists performing on this CD can be regarded as direct musical descendants – close or remote – of Liszt. ‘One of the great prides of my musical career is that I had one of the greatest musicians, Liszt, as my master – and my other great pride is that I had another of the greatest musicians, Erno Dohnanyi, as my pupil’ (Istvan Thoman). ‘We were conscious of the fact that this artist was conveying a message from a realm where the Dohnanyis were princes and the Ferenc Liszts were kings, where the instrument ceased to be a ‘mechanism’, where the sound of the piano became completely transubstantiated’ (Aladar Toth about Annie Fischer’s performance at the First International Liszt Piano Competition in 1933)