Rawicz and Landauer  (Duo Pianists)   (Flapper 7040)
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Rawicz and Landauer  (Duo Pianists)   (Flapper 7040)
P0860. RAWICZ & LANDAUER (Duo Pianists): Their Greatest Piano Hits. (England) Flapper 7040, recorded 1936-42. Transfers by Stuart Upton. Very long out-of-print, Final Copy! - 727031704027


“Many Jews and others considered 'undesirable' by the Nazi government were able to escape to Britain before the outbreak of WWII in September 1939. However, the British government, concerned that some of the immigrants could possibly be enemy spies, rounded up hundreds of families of German origin who were then sent by boat to the Isle of Man off the north-west coast of England. The island, traditionally a holiday resort, became transformed into an internment camp. Boarding houses became barrack blocks. Internees took part in local farm work, ran their own newspapers, and even set up internal businesses. By the end of 1940, 14,000 ‘enemy aliens’ were virtually imprisoned on the island. Many were University Professors and other professionals and included such inmates as Sir Nikolaus Pevsner, Lord Weidenfeld, Sir Charles Forte and the concert pianists Rawicz and Landauer. After intense lobbying by friends on the mainland and further investigation by the British authorities many of the internees were later released. Maryan Rawicz and Walter Landauer, respectively Polish and Austrian by birth, eventually became British subjects. For approximately three decades they established a formidable reputations as a two piano team. Their understanding and precision of ensemble playing were legendary and they also arranged most of their considerable repertoire.”

- Z. D. Akron