Michelangeli - The Last Recital  (2-Memoria CDX 999.101)
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Michelangeli - The Last Recital  (2-Memoria CDX 999.101)
P0863. ARTURO BENEDETTI MICHELANGELI: The Last Recital, (Debussy Program). (Czech Republic) 2-Memoria CDX 999.101, Live Performance, 7 May, 1993, Hamburg. - 7619913991010


"Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli obtained his soloist's diploma at the age of fourteen, and immediately launched his concert career. His extraordinary talent was recognized immediately and was first honoured in 1939 when Michelangeli won the first prize of the prestigious Geneva International Competition, whose jury was headed by Ignaz Paderewski. His importance as a towering figure among 20th-century pianists was stamped (coined...) by Cortot's saying: 'Here is a new Liszt'."

- Z. D. Akron