Ignaz Friedman, Vol. III     (St Laurent Studio YSL 78-117)
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Ignaz Friedman, Vol. III     (St Laurent Studio YSL 78-117)
P0932. IGNAZ FRIEDMAN: Chopin Recital. (Canada) St Laurent Studio YSL 78-117, recorded 1926-30. Transfers by Yves St Laurent.


"The Freidman 1930 Mazurkas rank along the Godowsky Nocturnes as classics of the style: explosive rhythmic propulsion, a heavy-footed, peasants' dance that carries a rough edge in spite of the suave rubatos Friedman applies. No repeat appears as an exact replication of a former incarnation: slight variations in tempo, pulse, dynamics, and agogic accent keep one dramatically interested. The A-flat Major, Op. 50, #2 may well be a rediscovered masterwork here. Tempos are generally quick, but Friedman's detache and non legato are so lithe we remain suspended in space. The wonders of the E-flat Nocturne have long generated critics' ink. If Friedman is an unknown entity to your collection, start here."


”More than a few of Friedman’s contemporaries would wonder at the energy he displayed to remain on tour almost constantly until 1943. In 1920, Friedman gave his first concert tour of the United States, which paved the way for 11 return trips in the next two decades. Friedman remained as active in the 1930s as in the previous decades, but as political tensions grew in Europe, he decided to resettle once more, this time in Australia. There, and in New Zealand, he gave many successful concerts, some of which were broadcast. In 1943, Friedman retired from concert activity, owing to a partially debilitating paralysis in his left hand.”

- Robert Cummings, allmusic.com

“Each of these disks, from Canadian engineer Yves St Laurent… [feature] St Laurent’s natural transfer – made without filtering, like all his dubbings – it is easy to listen to, despite the surface noise.”

- Tully Potter, CLASSICAL RECORD QUARTERLY, Summer, 2011