Maria Nemenova-Luntz;   Elena Katulskaya    (Aquarius AQVR 371)
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Maria Nemenova-Luntz;   Elena Katulskaya    (Aquarius AQVR 371)
P1052. MARIA NEMENOVA-LUNTZ: Bortnyansky, Zhilin, Dmitriev, Alabiev, Glinka, etc.; w.Mikhail Terian Cond.: Concerto in E-flat (J.C. Bach); MARIA NEMENOVA-LUNTZ accompanying ELENA KATULSKAYA: Songs & Arias by Monsigny, Paisiello, Flies, Haydn & Beethoven. (Russia) Aquarius AQVR 371, Live Performance, 24 Dec., 1951, Moscow Conservatory.


“Maria Nemenova-Luntz was born in Moscow in 1879. In 1902 she graduated, with a gold medal, from the class of Alexander Scriabin at the Moscow Conservatory. She had a great creative range, performing both as a soloist and in chamber ensembles. She performed a vast repertoire of works from different eras and styles. From 1922 she was a Professor at the Moscow Conservatory. She taught pianoforte and chamber ensemble. Between 1938-43 she was vice-principal of General piano studies. Her special contribution was in the creation of the Concert Master’s course (1943), which she headed until the end of her life.

Judging from the memories of her student, the pianist and musicologist M. Smirnov, Scriabin’s legacy to Nemenova-Luntz was realized in her pedagogical work. She played a lot in class. The sound of her playing was very striking. There was a beauty and spirituality to the timbre, a delicate technique - especially in the small, fascinating gems she played. She would demonstrate many exercises invented by Scriabin to advance the technological development of young musicians. She worked hard in her role as accompanist to singers and was extremely attentive to the pronunciation of words in a vocal work. She would advise her students to play the violin, cello and other instrumental parts on the piano so that the pianist would ‘steer, and not just row’. She was in contact with many great artists and musicians - K. Stanislavsky, I. Moskvin, V. Kachalov, A. Goldenweiser, G. Neuhaus, E. Beckman-Shcherbina, A. Nezhdanova, M. Maksakova and they all loved her. Maria Nemenova-Luntz died in Moscow 11 December, 1954.”

- Z. D. Akron

“Katulskaya made her début at the Mariinsky in 1909 and remained there until 1913 when she received a contract to appear at the Bolshoi in Moscow. She was a star performer, singing a wide variety of coloratura rôles in the Russian, French and Italian repertoires until 1945. Levik considered her voice as being superior in warmth and technique to that of Kuznetsova….Her singing [offers] a poised control and a beautiful timbre. [According to Kiril Kondrashin’s memoirs, Katulskaya was not only a wonderful and highly professional singer, but an absolutely indispensable member of the team and in later years would often sing five performances a week, replacing indisposed singers. Katulskaya opens the second half of this concert with style and elegance, performing perhaps the most sophisticated part of her repertoire – songs and arias by Monsigny, Paisiello, Haydn, Beethoven and Flies].”

- Alan Bilgora, Program Notes to Collectors’ Treasures, Vol. II