Geza Anda       (Audite 95.720)
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Geza Anda       (Audite 95.720)
P1180. GÉZA ANDA: The Telefunken Recordings: Bach, Haydn, Schuman & Mozart (the latter's Sonata in D, K.576). (Germany) Audite 95.720, recorded 1950-51, Telefunken, in gatefold jacket. Final Sealed Copy! - 4022143957207


“Géza Anda’s Telefunken recordings of 1950 and 1951, re-mastered for the first time, closes the last major gap in his discography. In works by Bach, Haydn, Mozart and Schumann, Anda's recordings are characterised by a distinctive balance of spontaneity and intellectual control, incisive poetry and brilliant technique.

Chronologically, the Telefunken recordings are positioned between Anda’s first recordings for Deutsche Grammophon and the later recordings for Columbia and DG. They document the pianist’s transition from brilliant virtuoso to sophisticated musician.

Comprising Robert Schumann’s ‘Carnaval’ and his ‘Symphonic Etudes’, the Telefunken recordings represent two important pillars of Anda’s repertoire. However, they also contain three works which he played only rarely: Johann Sebastian Bach’s Partita No. 2 in c minor, Joseph Haydn’s Sonata in F Major, and Mozart’s last Piano Sonata in D major, K576. The recording of the Mozart sonata is a particular rarity and treasure as it is the only recording of Anda, the great Mozart interpreter, documenting a performance of a Mozart work for solo piano.”

- Hans Lick

“In an age of well trained automata set to shine briefly on the competition circuit, Anda’s was a wholly personal voice backed by pianism and craftsmanship of a transcendental sheen and precision….Géza Anda’s…tragic death at the age of 54 extinguished a light that could never be replaced."

- Bryce Morrison, GRAMOPHONE, Aug., 2008