Sergius Kagen;  Peggy Stuart Coolidge;  Basilevsky;  Saslav  (St Laurent Studio YSL T-703)
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Sergius Kagen;  Peggy Stuart Coolidge;  Basilevsky;  Saslav  (St Laurent Studio YSL T-703)
P1284. SERGIUS KAGEN: Beethoven, Schubert, Schumann & Brahms - recorded 1941; ANN HEILIGMAN SASLAV: Sonata in A, Op.120 (Schubert), recorded 19 March, 1957; PEGGY STUART COOLIDGE, w.Arthur Fiedler Cond. Boston Pops Orch: Twilight City (Played by the Composer), Live Performance, 28 May, 1954, Symphony Hall, Boston; STEPHEN HENDERSON (T), w. IVAN K. BASILEVSKY (Pf.): G.I.'s Love Song (Monges); BARBIROLLI Cond. NYPO: La Campanella (Liszt-Dubensky), Live Performance, 28 April, 1940. (Canada) St Laurent Studio YSL T-703. Transfers by Yves St Laurent.


"Sergius Kagen began piano study at the age of nine and soon entered the St. Petersburg Conservatory. But in 1920 his family fled the Revolution, moving to Berlin, and a year later he studied with Leonid Kreutzer and Paul Juon at the Hochschule für Musik. He and his family moved again, to the United States in 1925, and in 1930 he entered the Juilliard School, studying piano with Carl Friedberg, composition with Rubin Goldmark and singing with Marcella Sembrich, and earned his diploma in 1934. After Sembrich's death in 1935, he took over the training of many of her students, and he formally joined the faculty at Juilliard in 1940. There he taught singing and vocal literature from 1940 to 1964, and also at the Union Theological Seminary, from 1957 until his death.

He became influential and important to the field of singing and voice pedagogy through his own teaching, as well as his writings and editions of a wide variety of vocal works. One of his students at Juilliard was the important American mezzo-soprano Jan DeGaetani.

As a pianist, he specialized in accompanying singers, especially important artists such as Povla Frijsh, Ezio Pinza and Mack Harrell. In the late 1940s he appeared with the newly formed Bach Aria Group, an ensemble of singers and instrumentalists that presents the works of J. S. Bach."

- Wikipedia

"Peggy Stuart Coolidge, composer, pianist and conductor studied at Boston University School of Music and the New England Conservatory of Music. Her better-known compositions include the score for the film 'The Silken Affair' that starred David Niven; 'The Voice', an orchestral tone poem; 'An Evening in New Orleans', a ballet, and 'American Reflections'. 'The Blue Planet', created with her husband, Joseph R. Coolidge, was first presented at the International Congress of the World Wildlife Fund in Bonn in 1972. In 1970, the Union of Soviet Composers invited Mrs. Coolidge to Moscow, where a concert of her compositions was presented."

- THE NEW YORK TIMES, 1 June, 1981