Mischa Dichter - The 19 Hungarian Rhapsodies (Liszt)   (2-Philips 205697 (416 463))
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Mischa Dichter - The 19 Hungarian Rhapsodies (Liszt)   (2-Philips 205697 (416 463))
P1412. MISCHA DICHTER: The 19 Hungarian Rhapsodies (Liszt). 2-Philips 205697 (416 463) , recorded 1977 - 1985. Very long out-of-print, Final Sealed Copy!


“Misha Dichter’s playing is not dry. No, in order to achieve dryness in this music you would have to deviate enormously from Liszt’s instructions! The scores themselves are full of exactly the coloristic effects which the composer thought would achieve Hungarian character and a native musical language, and Misha Dichter interprets with a touch that’s sensitive to all of this. The whole palette is well-used….the last four rhapsodies, from Liszt’s final years, are simply superb, especially No. 17’s compact but powerful emotional arc. It is not hard to tell that these are Dichter’s favorites.

Another attraction is the very fine sound, some of it producer Volker Straus’ resplendent late 1970s Philips sound and some of it early digital without the unpleasant glassiness. Somehow over eight years of recording, in the same Swiss Alpine town, the acoustics have been kept remarkably consistent.

Probably Liszt enthusiasts will want to keep their top-choice Rhapsody recordings (Cziffra, anyone?) but this is, I must say, a fantastic set, and one likely to become a mainstay in my collection. Dichter’s Rhapsodies are poised, dramatic, precise without being artificial, and boisterously colorful without being tacky. In other words, he takes his merriment seriously. Since these two discs sell for the price of one, a recommendation is delightfully easy.”

Brian Reinhart, musicweb-international