Jorge Bolet, Vol. XIX;   Leo Driehuys  - Sgambati Piano Concerto  (St Laurent Studio YSL T-1283)
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Jorge Bolet, Vol. XIX;   Leo Driehuys  - Sgambati Piano Concerto  (St Laurent Studio YSL T-1283)
P1433. JORGE BOLET: Tannhäuser - Overture (Wagner-Liszt); w. LEO DRIEHUYS Cond. Arnheim Phil: Piano Concerto in g, Op.15 (Sgambati); LEO DRIEHUYS Cond. Arnheim Phil: Solitude sur la montagne (Ole Bull); LEO DRIEHUYS' spoken tribute to Bolet before a duly appreciative audience. (Canada) St Laurent Studio YSL T-1283. Transfers by Yves St Laurent.


"Bolet was a master of color and texture and had a world-class technique, all still evident here at the end of his life. This abounds in colors and subtle voicings."

- James Harrington, AMERICAN RECORD GUIDE, March / April, 2011

“Giovanni Sgambati (1841-1914) is one of a small group of 19th century Italian composers who avoided opera in favor of a return to the earlier Italian instrumental tradition, with a strong nod to the German school as represented by Beethoven. Known as ‘The Italian Brahms’, Sgambati relied on strict classical models, something clearly evident in his Piano Concerto in g minor (1880), which roughly conforms to the outlines of Brahms’ own d minor concerto. But that’s where the similarity ends. The long Moderato Maestoso first movement gets under way rather indistinctly before the piano enters in a frenzied flourish, a rapidly ascending bravura passage that borders on the manic. That Liszt is Sgambati’s guiding light is soon made clear in the headlong style of the piano writing, and while his handling of the instrument is indeed arresting….while there’s little in this massive concerto to get you humming or your toes-a-tappin’, you’ll no doubt be impressed by the grandiosity of it all.”

Victor Carr Jr,

“Mr. Driehuys is an oboist and pianist who made his conducting debut with the Netherlands Opera in 1960 and spent the next 17 years leading orchestras in Holland, including the Dutch Radio Philharmonic. He also was a guest conductor and oboist for other European orchestras.”

- Michael Janofsky, THE NEW YORK TIMES, 25 Oct., 1997

“Starting out as principal oboe of Netherlands opera at age 19, Leo Driehuys was never one to let grass grow beneath his feet. He founded the celebrated Danzi Quintet and started conducting on the radio.

In 1977 he migrated to Charlotte, North Carolina, taking on a band of part-timers and transforming them into a full, professional symphony orchestra. He was chief conductor until his retirement in 1993.”

- Norman Lebrecht, SlippeDisc, 23 Aug., 2019