Front Row Center: The Broadway Gold Box, 1935-1988   (4-MCA 11353)
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Front Row Center: The Broadway Gold Box, 1935-1988   (4-MCA 11353)
PE0009. FRONT ROW CENTER: THE BROADWAY GOLD BOX 1935-1988. 4-MCA 11353, in Handsome Elongated Box with Elaborate 65pp. duly illustrated brochure with many photos.


“For anyone interested in the music or history of American Musical Comedy, this set of 4 CD's is absolutely invaluable! Here are some of the most wonderful selections from Decca's library of show music...some are familiar like Mary Martin as the title character in Kurt Weill and Ogden Nash's "One Touch Of Venus" singing the classic love song "Speak Low" or the irreplaceable Ethel Merman belting out "Eadie Was A Lady" from a forgotten 1932 Richard Whiting-B.G.DeSylva-Nacio Herb Brown musical called "Take A Chance" to the totally unfamiliar (at least to me) Gertrude Niesen singing "I Wanna Get Married" from the 1944 "Follow The Girls" or Ricardo Mantalban and Gloria DeHaven in a bright duet "Sun At My Window, Love At My Door" from the flop musical version of the hit movie "Seventh Heaven" (1955).

Ray Bolger is here in songs from "Where's Charley?." So is Nancy Walker telling us that she's "The First Girl In The Second Row" from "Look Ma, I'm Dancin!" Sammy Davis is represented in his first musical starring role as "Mr. Wonderful" and Carmen Miranda sings in her heavily accented English "South American Way" from a 1939 show called "Streets of Paris." There are even songs from off-Broadway shows like Jerry Herman's "Parade." You'll hear actors who sing-speak like Katharine Hepburn and actors who really sing like Carol Burnett and Susan Johnson, Alfred Drake and Pearl Bailey. Altogether 93 show tunes and a booklet with original cast photographs, statistics on each song and a fine, lengthy essay about Decca Records and the shows from 1935 ("At Home Abroad") to 1988 ("Romance, Romance"). HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!”