Marni Nixon  -  Jerome Kern       (Reference Recordings RR-28)
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Marni Nixon  -  Jerome Kern       (Reference Recordings RR-28)
PE0031. MARNI NIXON: Classic Kern - Songs of Jerome Kern. Reference Recordings RR-28, recorded 1988. Final Copy! - 030911102821


“Born in Southern California, Marni Nixon had become a sought-after singer by the time she was a teenager. She had perfect pitch, and an ability to read any piece of music handed to her, no matter how difficult. She even premiered works by composers such as Igor Stravinsky.

Because she was such an excellent musician, Marni Nixon worked constantly, dubbing voices for Hollywood studios. In 1954, she got a call to ghost Deborah Kerr's voice in THE KING AND I. Kerr understood that she needed to be dubbed, and Nixon says their relationship was very collegial.

‘Whenever there was a song to be sung in a scene, I would get up and stand next to her and watch her while she sang and she would watch me while I sang�, Nixon says. ‘After we recorded that song, she would have to go to the filming of it and mouth to that performance�.

Twentieth Century Fox was so protective of Kerr that Nixon had to sign a contract saying she would never reveal the ghost-singing on THE KING AND I. The story later came out in the press, when Kerr herself credited Nixon's work in an interview.�

- Jeff Lunden