That Devilin' Tune - A Jazz History, Vol. III    (9-WHRA 6005)
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That Devilin' Tune - A Jazz History, Vol. III    (9-WHRA 6005)
PE0151. That Devilin’ Tune - A Jazz History, Vol. III, incl. Count Basie, Harry James, Willie the Lion Smith, Lionel Hampton, Eddy Condon, Glen Miller, Artie Shaw, Benny Goodman, etc. (E.U.) 9-West Hill Radio Archives WHRA 6005, recorded 1934-45. Long out-of-print, Final Sealed Copy! - 4015023160057


“The musical landscape that gave birth to jazz during the late 19th and early 20th centuries has seldom been accurately depicted, and is still only partially understood even by the few who try to interact with it on more than a superficial level. While artificially imposed genre delineations have long been used to organize and market audio recordings, they often make a mockery of the diverse culture within which the music evolved. When in 2006 the West Hill Radio Archives brought out the first of four sizable box sets of nine CDs, each containing a total of 851 examples dating from 1895-1950, the producers of the series achieved an unprecedented degree of panoramic comprehensiveness. Vol. 1, a varied and unusually inclusive core sample of historic recordings, traces the multifaceted roots of the tradition by including much of what was in the air when the earliest glimmers of jazz began to appear. (All that is missing, it seems, is the influence of Italian opera and European art music, although these elements are certainly detectable here and there.) Practically everything else that has anything to do with the simultaneous inception of jazz throughout North America is represented here. That includes syncopated orchestral novelties, cakewalks, and ragtime; topical ditties played by military bands and wind ensembles; early vocal harmony groups; traditional folk, and Tin Pan Alley pop; tap dancing, vaudeville, and minstrelsy; Caribbean and Latin American dance music; blues, barrelhouse, jug bands, stride piano, hot jazz, big bands, and early swing.

THAT DEVILIN' TUNE, the song for which the collection was named, is heard performed by Broadway star Stella Mayhew (1875-1934), mainly remembered today for a series of Edison records she cut with vocalist Billie Taylor in 1910 and 1912. The inherent inference of the title is unmistakable -- stage performers, and especially jazz musicians, were saddled with small-minded pejoratives from the get-go, and blues in particular was singled out as ‘the devil's music’." What makes this anthology so thrilling is the inclusion of rarities by artists both legendary and little-known. Bert Williams, Bessie Smith, Sophie Tucker, Al Jolson, Freddie Keppard, Fats Waller, and W.C. Handy co-exist with John Philip Sousa, Voss' 1st Regiment Band, an Argentine tango ensemble known as the Orquesta Typica, and the Brazilian Grupo Bahianainho. Listen for James P. Johnson's very first solo record; Trinidadian pianist Lionel Belasco's Barbados-inspired ‘Bajan Girl’, and ragtime pioneer Ben Harney's phonograph cylinder from 1925. ‘Deacon Jazz’ and ‘Oh How I Love My Darling’ are drawn from near the very beginning of Duke Ellington's discography; the nominal leaders of the zippy little band heard on these sides were drummer Sonny Greer and vocalist Joe Trent. This is a breathtaking reservoir of great old-time music. It is not overkill, nor has it been thrown together haphazardly like so many other quarry-sized compilations. Well-worth investigating not only for the presence of old friends like Bix Beiderbecke, Jelly Roll Morton, and the Boswell Sisters, but especially ever heard before.

- arwulf arwulf,


Disc 1:

1. Chillun Get Up 2. Night Is Blue 3. Let's Get Together 4. U Samovara y Ya Maj Masha (At the Samovar with Masha) 5. Sendin' the Vipers 6. Linger Awhile 7. Jelly Roll Blues 8. Moon Country 9. Serenade to a Wealthy Widow 10. State Street Rag 11. Bugle Call Rag 12. Travelin' Man 13. Moonglow 14. Down South Camp Meeting 15. Frisky Honey 16. Riddle Rhythm 17. Caroline 18. Dinah 19. Way Down Yonder in New Orleans 20. Smiles 21. Throwing Stones at the Sun 22. Lookie, Lookie, Lookie... 23. Between the Devil... 24. I Ain't Got Nobody 25. Tap Room Special

Disc 2:

1. Moonglow 2. Four or Five Times 3. Sheik of Araby 4. Hesitation Blues 5. Triflin' Gal 6. I Don't Want to Make History 7. Until the Real Thing Comes Along 8. On the Sunny Side.... 9. Echo in the Dark 10. Oh Baby Maybe Someday 11. Two Old Maids 12. Derby Town 13. Shoe Shine Boy 14. Mama Don't Allow 15. My Blue Heaven 16. Swing Low Sweet Chariot 17. John's Idea 18. Blues 19. More Than Somewhat 20. Blues in Disguise 21. Alexander's Ragtime Band 22. Sun Showers 23. After You've Gone 24. Havin' a Ball 25. Liza

Disc 3:

1. Sweet Sue 2. My Little Lady (Hadie Brown) 3. Blue Rhythm Fantasy 4. When My Dreamboat Comes Home 5. Goo 6. Swingin' at the Cat and Chew 7. Tea for Two 8. Nice Work If You Can Get It 9. Diga Diga Doo 10. Sweet Georgia Brown 11. Business After Midnight 12. Good Morning Blues 13. St. Louis Blues 14. You and Me That Used to Be 15. Bill Coleman's Blues 16. Somebody Loves Me 17. Nice Work If You Can Get It 18. Texas Chatter 19. Banjo Rag 20. Stardust on the Moon 21. Dimuendo in Blue 22. You Took Advantage of Me 23. Jim Jam Stomp 24. You Had an Evening to Spare 25. Tiger Rag 26. Meet Me Tonight in Dreamland

Disc 4:

1. Everybody's Tryin' to Be My Baby 2. Very Thought of You 3. Daddy Let Me Lay It on You 4. Passionette 5. I'm Putting All My Eggs in One Basket 6. Mary's Idea 7. Way Down Yonder on New Orleans 8. When Buddah Smiles 9. Alley Woman Blues 10. Pussy Pussy Pussy 11. Liza Pull Down the Shades 12. Stompin' at the Honky Tonk 13. Smokey Mary 14. Scotch and Soda 15. Lillypop 16. Ocean Motion 17. From AB to C 18. When I Grow Too Old to Dream 19. Winin' Boy Blues 20. Lonesome Zroad 21. Lady Be Good 22. Dixie Jamboree 23. I Ain't Lazy (I'm Just Dreamin') 24. You Took Advantage of Me 25. Peter Tambourine 26. My Heart Belongs to Daddy

Disc 5:

1. High Society 2. Blues My Baby Gave Me 3. Just a Little Swing 4. Chicken Rhythm 5. Jumpin Jive 6. Fare Thee Honey Fare Thee Well 7. Grand Terrace Shuffle 8. Don't Leave Me 9. I've Lost My Head Over You 10. Someday Sweetheart 11. If Dreams Came True 12. She's Sellin' What She Used to Give Away 13. Stardust 14. Strange Enchantment 15. Sugar 16. Washington and Lee Swing 17. There'll Be Some Changes Made 18. Volcano 19. Pagan Love Song 20. Eel 21. That's on Jack, That's On 22. Diga Diga Doo 23. Old Man River 24. Spain

Disc 6:

1. Milenberg Joys 2. Save It Pretty Mama 3. Sweet Subsitute 4. Gravier Street Blues 5. I Surrender Dear 6. Lament for Javanette 7. Harlem Air Shaft 8. I'd Be Lost Without You 9. Moonlight on the Ganges 10. New Falling Down Blues 11. Major and Minor Stomp 12. Chlow 13. I Never Knew 14. I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles 15. Good Man Is Hard to Find [Excerpt] 16. Pickin' the Cabbage 17. Baby Dear 18. Lafayette 19. Moten Swing 20. Careless Love 21. Contrasts 22. Moten Swing 23. Swingmatism 24. Tryin' to Be True

Disc 7:

1. Melancholy Baby/Rhythm Riff/Nice Work If You Can Get It [Excerpts] 2. Stardust 3. Melancholy Baby 4. Lullaby to a Dream 5. Blowin' Up a Breeze 6. Flo Flo 7. Georgia on My Mind 8. Anitra's Dance 9. Just a Sittin' and a Rockin' 10. Jig Walk 11. Portrait of a Guinea Farm 12. Pixie from Dixie 13. Menelik 14. Suite 8 15. Nowhere 16. Good for Nothin' Joe 17. Apollo Jump 18. Benny's Bugle 19. When Cootie Left the Duke 20. Nague 21. Loose Lid Special 22. What's the Use of Gettin' Sober... 23. Mound Bayou

Disc 8:

1. Johnny Come Lately 2. Sweet Lorraine 3. If I Didn't Love You 4. Tea for Two 5. Buster's Last Stand 6. Cherokee 7. Concerto in F 8. I Found a New Baby 9. Stardust 10. Tess' Torch Song 11. Singin' in the Rain 12. Sweet Georgia Brown 13. Night in Tunisia 14. Jada 15. In a Mist 16. Tea for Two 17. Sweet Lorraine 18. Wrap Your Troubles in Dreams 19. St. Louis Blues 20. Angry 21. Twilight in Teheran 22. Dee Dee's Dance 23. Two Spoons in an Igloo 24. Grand Central Getaway

Disc 9:

1. Body and Soul 2. What Is This Thing Called Love 3. Caravan 4. Stardust, Pt. 2 5. Ranbow Mist 6. Woody 'N You 7. Short Circuit 8. 1944 Stomp 9. Floogie Boo 10. Come Over to My House 11. On the Sunny Side of the Street 12. I Cover the Waterfront 13. Black, Brown and Beige: Three Dances 14. Mutt's Blues 15. I Wonder 16. When My Man Comes Home 17. Light Calvary Overture 18. Sugar 19. Footnotes to a Summer Love 20. Up Jumped the Devil 21. Alexander's Ragtime Band 22. You Always Hurt the One You Love 23. Who