That Devilin' Tune - A Jazz History, Vol. IV    (9-WHRA 6006)
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That Devilin' Tune - A Jazz History, Vol. IV    (9-WHRA 6006)
PE0152. That Devilin' Tune - A Jazz History, Vol. IV, incl. Coleman Hawkins, Stan Kenton, Sidney Bechet, Charlie Parker, Thelonious Monk, Dizzie Gilespie, Dave Brubeck, Frank Sinatra, etc. (E.U.) 9-West Hill Radio Archives WHRA 6006, recorded 1946-51. Long out-of-print, Final Sealed Copy! - 4015023160064


“The musical landscape that gave birth to jazz during the late 19th and early 20th centuries has seldom been accurately depicted, and is still only partially understood even by the few who try to interact with it on more than a superficial level. While artificially imposed genre delineations have long been used to organize and market audio recordings, they often make a mockery of the diverse culture within which the music evolved. When in 2006 the West Hill Radio Archives brought out the first of four sizable box sets of nine CDs, each containing a total of 851 examples dating from 1895-1950, the producers of the series achieved an unprecedented degree of panoramic comprehensiveness. Vol. 1, a varied and unusually inclusive core sample of historic recordings, traces the multifaceted roots of the tradition by including much of what was in the air when the earliest glimmers of jazz began to appear. (All that is missing, it seems, is the influence of Italian opera and European art music, although these elements are certainly detectable here and there.) Practically everything else that has anything to do with the simultaneous inception of jazz throughout North America is represented here. That includes syncopated orchestral novelties, cakewalks, and ragtime; topical ditties played by military bands and wind ensembles; early vocal harmony groups; traditional folk, and Tin Pan Alley pop; tap dancing, vaudeville, and minstrelsy; Caribbean and Latin American dance music; blues, barrelhouse, jug bands, stride piano, hot jazz, big bands, and early swing.

THAT DEVILIN' TUNE, the song for which the collection was named, is heard performed by Broadway star Stella Mayhew (1875-1934), mainly remembered today for a series of Edison records she cut with vocalist Billie Taylor in 1910 and 1912. The inherent inference of the title is unmistakable -- stage performers, and especially jazz musicians, were saddled with small-minded pejoratives from the get-go, and blues in particular was singled out as ‘the devil's music’." What makes this anthology so thrilling is the inclusion of rarities by artists both legendary and little-known. Bert Williams, Bessie Smith, Sophie Tucker, Al Jolson, Freddie Keppard, Fats Waller, and W.C. Handy co-exist with John Philip Sousa, Voss' 1st Regiment Band, an Argentine tango ensemble known as the Orquesta Typica, and the Brazilian Grupo Bahianainho. Listen for James P. Johnson's very first solo record; Trinidadian pianist Lionel Belasco's Barbados-inspired ‘Bajan Girl’, and ragtime pioneer Ben Harney's phonograph cylinder from 1925. ‘Deacon Jazz’ and ‘Oh How I Love My Darling’ are drawn from near the very beginning of Duke Ellington's discography; the nominal leaders of the zippy little band heard on these sides were drummer Sonny Greer and vocalist Joe Trent. This is a breathtaking reservoir of great old-time music. It is not overkill, nor has it been thrown together haphazardly like so many other quarry-sized compilations. Well-worth investigating not only for the presence of old friends like Bix Beiderbecke, Jelly Roll Morton, and the Boswell Sisters, but especially ever heard before.

- arwulf arwulf,


CD 1:

1. Blue Skies 2. Big Chief Pawnee 3. Good for Nothin' Joe 4. We'll Be Together Again 5. Sometimes I'm Happy 6. Don't Blame Me 7. I Wonder 8. Did You Ever Love a Woman 9. Cannonball Rag 10. I'm Confessin' 11. Swingin' on Central 12. Get Happy 13. Tall, Dark, And Handsome 14. Dizzy Atmosphere 15. Rifftide 16. Air Mail Special 17. Don't Blame Me 18. Revolutionary Blues, Pt. 1 19. Minor Riff 20. Barefoot Boy with Cheek 21. (From) Ebony Concerto 22. Mean to Me 23. Waiting for the Train to Come Home

CD 2:

1. 1919 Rag 2. Somebody Loves Me 3. Hollywood Hi Hat 4. 52nd Street Theme 5. Dodo's Bounce 6. Who Put the Benzedrine... 7. Pete's Lonesome Blues 8. 'Tain't Nobody's Business If I Do 9. Bebop in Pastel 10. Ecuador 11. Lady McGowran's Dream 12. China Boy 13. Something to Remember You By 14. Up a Lazy River 15. This Subdues My Passion 16. Junkman Rag 17. When I'm in My Tea 18. Lover Man 19. Naked City 20. Sweet Lorraine 21. Gambler's Dream 22. Over the Rainbow 23. Thermodynamics

CD 3:

1. I Found a New Baby 2. Serge's Urge 3. Ballin' the Jack 4. Baila La Conga 5. Improvisation for the March of Time 6. Save It Pretty Mama 7. Jazz Me Blues 8. Cyclops 9. Yesterdays 10. And That's for Sure 11. Blue Brew 12. On the Sunny Side of the Street 13. Half Step Down 14. So Easy 15. New York City Blues 16. Mingus Fingers 17. I'm Confessin' 18. Sweet Lorraine 19. Thermopolae 20. It's Only a Paper Moon 21. How Come You Do Me 22. My Little Brown Book

CD 4:

1. Alexander's Ragtime Band 2. Laura 3. Ritmo Afro Cuban 4. Blue Turning Grey Over You 5. Exactly Like You 6. Cherokee 7. Lady Be Good 8. Don't Blame Me 9. Slow Drivin', Pt. 1-2 10. Time 11. Shorty's Got to Go 12. Quejas de Bandoneon 13. Who's to Blame 14. Locked Out 15. Pomus Blues 16. Aintcha Got Music 17. Nightmare Allen 18. Jockey Blues 19. Garbage Can Blues 20. I Thought About You 21. What Is This Thing Called Love 22. Lonely Moments 23. Out of Nowhere 24. Bop Alley

CD 5:

1. Fine and Dandy 2. Tone Painting, Pt. 1-2 3. Somebody Loves Me 4. Off Minor 5. Leapin Leo 6. Just One of Those Things 7. Ana 8. Koko 9. Relaxin' at Camrillo 10. Monk's Mood 11. Polka Dots and Moonbeams 12. Tuxedo Junction 13. I Hear a Rhapsody 14. Out of the Blue 15. Seventh Avenue Express 16. Little Orgg 17. What Is This Thing Called Love 18. Half Nelson 19. Sil Vous Plais 20. Our Delight 21. Fuller Bop Man

CD 6:

1. Boperation 2. Wrong Road Blues 3. Cottontop 4. Just You Just Me 5. My Old Flame 6. Robbin's Nest 7. Wanderer's Swing 8. Relaxin' 9. Cuba 10. Keeps on Raining 11. Professor Bop 12. Overtime 13. Bee Jay 14. Lestorian Mode 15. Waterworks 16. Southside Swing 17. Focus 18. Out of Nowhere 19. Bird in Igor's Yard 20. T & S 21. Stan Gets Along 22. Bird of Paradise 23. Tempus Fugit

CD 7:

1. Grandpa's Spells 2. Gassin' the Wig 3. Perdido 4. Babylon 5. Scene Changes 6. I'm Confessin' 7. Tautology 8. Marshmallow 9. When Your Lover Has Gone 10. Cindy Lou 11. Spider's Webb 12. Out of Nowhere 13. Clarinet Marmalade 14. All God's Chillun Got Rhythm 15. Body and Soul 16. Southern Hospitality 17. Salt Your Pillow Down 18. Nice Work If You Can Get It 19. Come Rain or Come Shine 20. You May Not Love Me 21. Flying the Coop 22. Red Hills and Green Barns [Excerpt] 23. Solitaire

CD 8:

1. Apple Blossoms 2. Singin' in the Rain 3. Liza 4. Dancing on the Ceiling 5. New Piano Roll Blues 6. Song of the Wanderer 7. Ornithology 8. Lover Come Back to Me [Excerpt] 9. Love Lies 10. Short Wave 11. Zulu's Parade 12. I Hadn't Anyone 'Til You 13. Early Spring 14. Dusky and Sandy 15. Black and Blue 16. Signal 17. Seventh and Union 18. Panama 19. You Tell Me Your Dream

CD 9:

1. Doggin' Blues 2. Will You Still Be Mine 3. All the Things You Are 4. It Could Happen to You 5. Happening 6. Denial 7. Aviary 8. Godchild 9. Mark 10. With a Song 11. Ezz-Thetic 12. I'm a Fool to Want You 13. Weary Blues 14. Birk's Works 15. Polka Dot 16. Fireworks 17. Stardust