Candide   (Bernstein)   (Mills, Eisler, Lankston)   2-NW 340/41
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Candide   (Bernstein)   (Mills, Eisler, Lankston)   2-NW 340/41
PE0222. Candide (Bernstein), recorded 1985, w.Mauceri Cond. New York City Opera Ensemble; Erie Mills, David Eisler, John Lankston, Joyce Castle, Jack Harrold, etc. 2-New World NW 340/41, w.35pp. Libretto-Booklet. Choice, ever-so-slightly used copy.


“No one has been more determined in this fusion effort between musical theater and opera than Beverly Sills and the New York City Opera, so it's fitting that New World - which began life as a semischolarly compiler of the American musical heritage - should offer this fine recording of the 1982 'opera house version' of the 1973 revision….the music, especially with the expanded forces used in 1982, is a really effervescent, tuneful, brilliantly crafted delight. And this performance, buoyantly conducted by John Mauceri and spiffily sung by a cast headed by Erie Mills, David Eisler and John Lankston, does Mr. Bernstein's score proud.”

- John Rockwell , THE NEW YORK TIMES, 25 May, 1986

“Bernstein gave a credibility to American musicianship that hadn’t existed before, easing our sense of inferiority. He came along and did what seemed impossible: bringing Mahler back to Vienna!

He loved storytelling, and music for him was just a vehicle for telling stories. Often his stories had important morals as well: There was always a lesson to be learned. For me that was a big takeaway. He was so many things: a great conductor, great composer, great pianist. But he was also a TV star, he was a thinker, he was a philosopher, he was a political activist. How many people could wear all of those hats at once? It’s a rare thing.”

-Marin Alsop, THE NEW YORK TIMES, 23 Aug., 2018