Vanity Fair  (Teddie Gerard, Regine Flory, Nelson Keys, Arthur Playfair)  (Palaeophonics 145)
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Vanity Fair  (Teddie Gerard, Regine Flory, Nelson Keys, Arthur Playfair)  (Palaeophonics 145)
PE0290. VANITY FAIR (A Revue by Arthur Wimperis. Music: Herman Finck, Max Darewski, Shelton Brooks and Jerome Kern. Lyrics: Arthur Wimperis, Percy Greenbank, et al.), recorded 1917, w.Henry Finck Cond. Palace Theatre Ensemble; Teddie Gerard, Regine Flory, Nelson Keys, Arthur Playfair, Stanley Logan, Gwendoline Brogden, etc. [Produced by Alfred Butt at the Palace Theatre, London, 6 November, 1916 (265 perfs)] (England) Palaeophonics 145, w.Elaborate 'The Play' 16pp. Brochure replete with numerous photos of the Palace Theatre 1916 production & biographies. Excellently transferred from the legendary Acoustic 78rpm English HMV rarities. Dominic Combe’s most recent intoxicating delight, produced via his enhanced equipment! For this production he had access to fabulous archival material and superb original 78s with which to work!


"Teddie Gerard, an Argentine film actress, first performed at the Casino Theatre on Broadway in New York City, in February 1909. She appeared in the chorus of HAVANA. Later she followed Gaby Deslys as the dancing partner of Harry Pilcer. Gerard was in a Flo Ziegfeld Midnight Frolic production on the New Amsterdam Roof in New York City, in August 1920. She was a singer and dancer in revues in London, England, and Paris during the 1910s and 1920s. She performed in THE WEDDING GLIDE and ECLIPSE, written by E. Phillips Oppenheim. In 1921 Gerard was cast in the motion picture THE CAVE GIRL. She acted in THE RAT, a theatrical production taken from a work penned by David L'Estrange. The presentation was staged at the Colonial Theatre in London in 1925.”