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Auction Number 145 ­- AUCTION Closing Date: Sunday, 22 December, 2013

Regarding AUCTION #145 (Closing Date: Sunday, 22 December, 2013), The Minimum Bid ("MB") is a guide which has been set in accordance with current market value, determined through constant monitoring of auction sales during recent years. In cases of extreme rarity, the actual realized price may far exceed the Minimum Bid, while in other cases an item may realize a price very close to the Minimum Bid, and, occasionally, the Minimum Bid itself. Please simply bid in accordance with whatever a given item means to you. If a bidder wins more than originally anticipated, we are most pleased to make any mutually comfortable arrangement for payment terms. Please inquire.

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Nos. 0456 – 0460 are choice copies of Original 2–track 7½ ips RCA Living Stereo reel-to-reel RCA tapes.

0456. CHARLES MÜNCH Cond. Boston S.O.: Symphonie Fantastique (Berlioz). In Original RCA GCS-6 Box. Glorious, Original 1954 Recording, never issued contemporaneously on disc. Excellent, albeit shopworn box. MB 65

0457. CHARLES MÜNCH Cond. Boston S.O. & New England Conservatory Chorus: Daphnis et Chloë (Ravel). In Original RCA FTC-2089 Box. Glorious, Original 1954 Recording, w.Mitchell 10++ rating! Superb Copy. MB 75

“This is one of those records, and they are rare enough on any label, in which recording technique serves the performance so perfectly that the result truly does illuminate the music.”

- Jonathan Valin, THE RCA BIBLE, p.27

0458. PIERRE MONTEUX Cond. Paris Conservatoire Orch.: Le Sacre de Printemps (Stravinsky). Original 1956 recording, (Cond. by the Creator who premièred the work 29 May, 1913). In Original RCA ECS-67 Box. Superb Copy. MB 35

0459. FRITZ REINER Cond. Chicago Symphony, w.Lisa della Casa (S): Symphony #4 in g (Mahler). In Original RCA FTC-2027 Box. Glorious, Original 1958 Recording, w.Mitchell 10++ rating! Excellent, albeit shopworn box. MB 55

0460. FRITZ REINER Cond. Chicago Symphony: Symphony #1 in C; w.Curtin, Kopleff, McCollum & Gramm: Choral Symphony #9 in d (both Beethoven). Original 1961 recording in Original RCA FTC-3005 Box. Superb Copy has neatly mended very minor tear on spine. MB 25

“RCA began making stereo recordings in 1954. Their first objective was not records, but two track stereo tapes. RCA marketed a series of 7½ ips two track stereo tapes in 1956….The Golden Era of RCA stereo recordings began in 1954 with two track tape recordings of the Boston Symphony….Late in 1957, the technology for cutting stereo records…became commercial and RCA as well as other record companies rushed to use the master stereo tapes they had in their vaults to make stereo records. These early stereo records produced by rather straight-forward methods provide some of the most natural sound ever recorded.”

- James A. Mitchell, THE GOLDEN ERA OF RCA RECORDS, pp.3–5