Ossy Renardy;   Ernest Lush    (Testament SBT 1292)
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Ossy Renardy;   Ernest Lush    (Testament SBT 1292)
S0012. OSSY RENARDY: Sonata #1 in g; Sonata #3 in C, both for Violin Unaccompanied (Bach); w.Ernest Lush (Pf.): Schubert, Paganini, Wieniawski & Kreisler. (Austria) Testament SBT 1292, recorded 1950/’49, resp. Long out-of-print, Final Copy! - 749677129224


“The meteoric career of Ossy Renardy and its tragic denouement could stand as a paradigm of gilded youth, silenced. Born Oskar Reiss in Vienna in 1920 a peripatetic, essentially untutored, boyhood career saw him starring in variety shows alongside showmen and strongmen until, like the Czech virtuoso Príhoda, he was discovered in Italy and a career was launched. He made a New York début at the age of eighteen and in anticipation of the centenary of Paganini’s death he played the 24 Caprices at Carnegie Hall. The impact must have been substantial because the following year he was asked to record them, the first integral set ever committed to disc....From then his career was American based and after war service he resumed touring in 1947. He died in a car crash in 1953 having shortly before re-recorded the Caprices. His pianist in the earlier recording and steadfast accompanist Walter Robert survived the crash. Brief as his career was and circumscribed though it necessarily had to be Renardy’s is a name that, like Hassid’s or Weisbord’s or Hochstein’s will always be tinged with a sense of loss and of promise unfulfilled.”

- Jonathan Woolf

“The death 3 December 1953 of Austrian violinist Ossy Renardy (née Oskar Reiss) in northern New Mexico robbed music of a vital, unique personality, a self-taught artist whose playing on his preferred Guarnerius brought pleasure to countless listeners, including those servicemen in WW II who attended any of the 490 USO concerts he gave."

- Gary Lemco, AUDIOPHILE AUDITION, 23 April, 2013