Estyerhazy Quartet - Boccherini   (2-Elatus 60028)
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Estyerhazy Quartet - Boccherini   (2-Elatus 60028)
S0038. ESTYERHÁZY QUARTET: Boccherini Quartets, Op.32. 2-Elatus 60028, recorded 1976. Very long out-of-print, Final Sealed Copy! - 825646002825


“Boccherini here earns the title of the ‘Spanish Haydn’ by conquering Haydn’s home territory, the string quartet. These works have the same endless invention and subtle, almost dignified humour that flowed so inexhaustibly from Haydn’s pen. But Boccherini is more lyrical, more playful, less dignified; you’re more apt to laugh out loud or sing along and want to hear a movement two or three times at one sitting than with Haydn. This, along with several other recent Boccherini releases, has renewed my love for this music and created the impression of an almost Telemannian store of riches. Buy as much as you have room for, as much as you can afford, like pouring exquisite wine from a bottle; but from a bottle that never gets empty, for there is more Boccherini than any of us could encompass.

If you listen to nothing but Palestrina, Wagner or Webern, you probably won’t like this disk. For the rest of us, do yourself a big favour.”

- Paul Shoemaker, musicweb-international