Ex Novo Quartet;  Aldo Orvieto   (Dynamic 99)
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Ex Novo Quartet;  Aldo Orvieto   (Dynamic 99)
S0111. EX NOVO QUARTET: Quintet in g; Quintet in f (both Respighi); w. ALDO ORVIETO: Piano Quintet in C (Martucci). (Italy) Dynamic 99, recorded 1992-94. - 8007144060992


"The execution of the Ex Novo Ensemble has been amazing and has been continuously supported by the excellent pianist Aldo 0rvieto."

- G. Pugliaro, PIANO TIME

"... But the brightest evening was that of the Venetian complex, which was undoubtedly one of the summits reached in L'Aquila in recent times. Many reasons for success: the complex can count on young, extremely clean instrumentalists and on a program studied with the sharpness that seems typical of talented composers….The most accurate point in the deepening of the language is the sound… with a superlative pianist, Aldo Orvieto. "

-W. Tortoreto, PIANO TIME

"... The beautiful program was executed with great finesse and precision by the Ex Novo Ensemble, involved in the most varied chamber ensembles, a great success."

- M. Messinis, IL GAZZETTINO, Venice