Jerome Lowenthal, Christian Bor, Nathaniel Rosen (Arensky)  (Vanguard Classics 99028)
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Jerome Lowenthal, Christian Bor, Nathaniel Rosen (Arensky)  (Vanguard Classics 99028)
S0247. JEROME LOWENTHAL, CHRISTIAN BOR, NATHANIEL ROSEN, etc.: Piano Trio in d; Quartet in a (both Arensky). Vanguard Classics 99028, recorded 1989, Amsterdam. Very long out-of-print, Final Copy! - 3351470990283


“Jerome Lowenthal…played with aplomb, authority and virtuosity of the sort that long since carved a niche for him in the concert world. Mr. Lowenthal won this listener's empathy right off….he found just the combination of pyrotechnical display and sensitivity needed to give the work dignity….The playing itself was a marvel of control. Mr. Lowenthal was up to every technical demand, but he never pushed for superficial effect or dazzlement for its own sake. One reason more pianists do not cultivate this way of playing Lisztian extravaganzas is that the virtuosity involved is not necessarily of the obvious sort. Another reason, of course, is that few pianists possess the abundance of technique that allows for subtlety of this sort.”

- Allen Hughes, THE NEW YORK TIMES, 8 Jan., 1981