Belmando Trio  (Doug Back, Andrew Zohn & Richard Walz) - The Big Trio Reprise Concert  (Belmando 53001)
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Belmando Trio  (Doug Back, Andrew Zohn & Richard Walz) - The Big Trio Reprise Concert  (Belmando 53001)
S0252. THE BIG TRIO BELMANDO – REPRISE - Doug Back, Andrew Zohn, Richard Walz: - The Grand Banjo, Mandolin and Guitar Concert, incl. A.G. Robyn, Jacques Offenbach, Edvard Grieg, Carlo Curti, Benjamin Godard, Franz von Suppé & William Foden. Belmando 53001, recorded 2002. Very long out-of-print, Final Copy! - 827805300124


“At the beginning of the 20th Century, three virtuoso musicians, Fred Bacon on banjo, Giuseppe Petting on mandolin and William Foden on guitar enthused audiences during a major national tour of the USA playing inspired arrangements of popular classical pieces. Their magic has been recreated here by three leading contemporary performers. All three performers have done a wonderful job....this is an interesting and worthwhile project, full of wonderful tunes.

Let Belmando's first release take you back to a forgotten era, before the jazz age when popular music consisted of arrangements of operatic overtures and light classical music. A time when the mandolin was the most popular instrument of all, certainly in terms of the number of amateur performers and a time when gifted virtuosi performed with astonishing technical mastery on instruments that have since been relegated to a more lowly folk status.

Modeled after the famous Big Trio, Douglas Back, Richard Walz and Andrew Zohn are the first fretted instrument soloists to recreate this uniquely American classical ensemble. The Big Trio Reprise performs the original repertoire of The Big Trio, other similar arrangements of the period and modern compositions written specifically for this instrumentation which poignantly evoke the very essence of an era.

With comprehensive booklet notes written by Douglas Back and lavish illustrations taken from documentation relating to the original Big Trio tour, this CD provides both evocative and interesting music from accomplished performers and a fascinating insight into an almost forgotten period of musical history.”

- Alison Stephens, MANDOLIN QUARTERLY, June 2003

"If ever a recording were to exemplify what the Fretted Instrument Guild of America is about, it would have to be this one."

- FIGA News, July/Aug., 2003