Adolf Busch, Rudolf Serkin, Aubrey Brain    (Appian APR 5528)
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Adolf Busch, Rudolf Serkin, Aubrey Brain    (Appian APR 5528)
S0290. ADOLF BUSCH & RUDOLF SERKIN: Sonata #5 in f (Bach), Live Perf., 2 March, 1939, Library of Congress; Sonata #1 in G, Live Studio Broadcast, 13 Oct., 1936; BUSCH, SERKIN & AUBREY BRAIN: Horn Trio in E-flat, recorded 16 May & 13 Nov., 1933 (both Brahms). (England) Appian APR 5528, all Unpublished. Transfers by Bryan Crimp. Long out-of-print, Final Sealed Copy! - 5024709155286


“From APR comes an important programme of first-release recordings by the Adolf Busch-Rudolf Serkin Duo….the gestures, the ‘breathing’ and overall demeanour seem that much more natural, warmer too, as if playing just for themselves, especially in the coda of the [Brahms] slow movement, which is as rapt as any I’ve heard. Tully Potter’s typically informative notes offer chapter and verse on the 1933 Brahms Horn Trio with Aubrey Brain, which APR presents in a version from different sessions with, in the case of Brain and Serkin, different instruments!”

- Rob Cowan, GRAMOPHONE, May, 2007