Peter  Rybar;  Jonathan Sternberg          (Pierian 0045)
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Peter  Rybar;  Jonathan Sternberg          (Pierian 0045)
S0505. PETER RYBAR, w.Sternberg Cond. Winterthur S.O.: Violin Concerto in D (Stravinsky); Sternberg Cond.: Pathétique Symphony #6 in b (Tchaikovsky). Pierian 0045, recorded 1954. 884501572118


“This record involves a story. In 1954 Switzerland’s Winterthur Symphony, of which Herman Scherchen was conductor and Peter Rybar concertmaster, had engaged Igor Stravinsky to conduct his violin concerto and the Tchaikovsky ‘Pathétique’. But Stravinsky fell ill, and the American conductor Jonathan Sternberg (b.1919) was summoned to step in to give the performance with but one rehearsal. He purchased the scores, set to work, and the concert was well received. It also happened that the performance was recorded, the engineers not being informed of the change at the podium, with the results we have here. The concerto, to which one imagines most of the one rehearsal was devoted, is a jewel: the esteemed Peter Rybar is lively, frothily cool and neoclassical, while Sternberg is pointed, alert, and remarkably comfortable with a work he had just learned the day before.”

- David Radcliffe, AMERICAN RECORD GUIDE, March/April, 2012