Busch String Quartet, Vol. I -  Beethoven & Schubert   (St Laurent Studio YSL 78-140)
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Busch String Quartet, Vol. I -  Beethoven & Schubert   (St Laurent Studio YSL 78-140)
S0562. BUSCH STRING QUARTET: Quartet #1 in F, Op.18 (Beethoven), recorded 11 Nov., 1933; Death and the Maiden Quartet #14 in d (Schubert), recorded 16 Oct., 1936. (Canada) St Laurent Studio YSL 78-140. Transfers by Yves St Laurent. [These venerated performances are offered here in extraordinary sound quality having been copied from pristine ‘z’ shellac Victor Pressings which offer remarkably quiet surfaces.]


“…supremely accomplished performances that are steeped in – and nourished by – a profound performing tradition. No collection worth the name can afford to be without them..”

- James Inverne, GRAMOPHONE, July, 2008

“…the Busch offer something very special – an ‘old world’ form of shining sincerity, dedication and truthfulness….at all points the Busch Quartet’s music-making is on a very exalted level.”

- Alan Sanders, CLASSIC RECORD COLLECTOR, Spring, 2008

"One of the major chamber music forces of the first half of the 20th Century, the [Busch String Quartet] was in many respects a perfect complement to the occasionally more celebrated Budapest Quartet. Whereas the Budapest’s Beethoven was purged of many of the performance practices typical of the earlier half of the century, the Busch did not hesitate to incorporate them….these parameters never spill over into tastelessness."

- Mortimer H. Frank, CLASSIC RECORD COLLECTOR, Summer, 2007

“Each of these disks, from Canadian engineer Yves St Laurent… [feature] St Laurent's natural transfer – made without filtering, like all his dubbings – it is easy to listen to, despite the surface noise.”

- Tully Potter, CLASSICAL RECORD QUARTERLY, Summer, 2011