Emil Telmanyi;   Georg Vasarhelyi    (Danacord DAN 343)
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Emil Telmanyi;   Georg Vasarhelyi    (Danacord DAN 343)
S0638. EMIL TELMÁNYI, w.Georg Vásárhelyi (Pf.): Hungarian Dance #1 in g; Sonatensatz in f; Sonata #1 in G; Sonata #2 in A (all Brahms). (Denmark) Danacord DAN 343, recorded 1939. Very long out-of-print, Final Sealed Copy! - 579499343009


"If you want to hear something very special you must go to Emil Telmányi and Georg Vasarhelyi in their classic 1930s accounts of the first two Sonatas: Danacord DACOCD 343, coupled with the FAE Scherzo and Hungarian Dance No. 1 (arranged for violin and piano). These are masterly interpretations. I once had the very great honour to be invited to take tea with Telmányi at his home - he was 90 years old at the time. As we listened to the 78s of the 1st Sonata, with his wife sitting next to the record player in order to be able to change the sides of the discs, the great man gave me a master-class in how to interpret the music, how to bow it, how to achieve every nuance possible and really bring the music to life. It was the kind of information which should be made available to all violinists - a memorable afternoon."

- Bob Briggs, musicweb-international

“Emil Telmányi was a Hungarian violinist who was born in Arad, Partium, Transylvania, then in the Kingdom of Hungary, was also an exponent of the composer Carl Nielsen, having recorded some of his violin sonatas and his violin concerto. Telmányi settled in Copenhagen and was married to Nielsen's daughter, Anne Marie, from 1918 to 1933. One of his most famous recordings is a 1954 recording of Bach's Sonatas and partitas for solo violin played using a violin with what was referred to as the Bach (or Vega) bow, which could be adjusted so the player could play three or even all four strings of the violin at once. He died, aged 95, in Holte, Denmark.”

- Z. D. Akron