Red Priest   -    'Johann, I'm Only Dancing'    (RPR 007)
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Red Priest   -    'Johann, I'm Only Dancing'    (RPR 007)
S0647. RED PRIEST: 'Johann, I'm Only Dancing', incl. Partita in E major for solo violin BWV1006 - Preludio. Flute Sonata in e minor BWV1034 - Andante. Toccata and Fugue in d minor BWV565. Suite Number 6 for Cello BWV1012 - Prelude in D major. Flute Sonata in A major BWV1032 - Largo e Dolce. Prelude in G minor for Harpsichord BWV885. Prelude and Fugue in c minor BWV847. Flute Sonata in C major BWV1033 - Allegro. Oboe Sonata in G minor BWV1020 - Sonata in a minor - Allegro / Adagio / Allegro. Harpsichord Concerto in f minor BWV1056 - Arioso. English Suite Number 3 in a minor BWV807 - Bourree. English Suite Number 3 in a minor BWV807 - Sarabande. Toccata in D major BWV912 - Introduction and Gigue. Orchestral Suite Number 2 in b minor BWV1067 - Minuet. Orchestral Suite Number 2 in b minor BWV1067 - Badinerie. Concerto in d minor for 2 Violins BWV1043 - Largo. Brandenburg Concerto Number 3 in G major BWV1048 - Allegro / Cadenza / Presto. (England) Red Priest Recordings RPR 007, recorded 2009. A dynamic presentation of music by the greatest genius of the baroque era, performed with Red Priest's legendary blend of creativity, wit, and virtuosity! The program includes epic transcriptions of the Brandenburg Concerto No. 3 and the great Toccata and Fugue in d minor, alongside a host of dazzling allegros, whirling dances, and some of the most sublime adagios ever composed. Final sealed copy. - 5060179090061


“Few would argue with the assertion that Johann Sebastian Bach was the greatest musical genius of his time. Whereas other composers from the baroque era tended to work within the national fashions of their day, he succeeded in blending and transcending all styles to create music that seems genuinely timeless. It is perhaps for this reason that most musicians nowadays, however freely they may approach the music of ‘lesser’ composers, have strong opinions, rigorously defended, about how Bach should be played”

- Gramophone Magazine, May, 2010

“A brilliant and affectingly different collection of transcriptions of favourite Bach movements, at times uniquely exhilarating, at others showing Bach at his most expressively touching... Adams's recorder playing is musically dazzling...but the other players complete an ensemble which is delightfully fresh and alive.”

- Penguin Guide, 2011 Edition

“Red Priest is a British Baroque instrumental group that was formed in 1997, originally with eleven members. Currently it is composed of four performers: Piers Adams - recorder, Julia Bishop - violin, Angela East - cello and David Wright - harpsichord. In America and the Far East the group collaborates with the Canadian baroque/Cape-Breton violinist David Greenberg in place of Julia Bishop. The group is named after the red-haired Italian priest and Baroque composer, Antonio Vivaldi.

The quartet plays in a flamboyant, theatrical and virtuosic style making use of props, costumes, dramatic lighting and other effects. The pieces they perform are generally their own arrangements, though based very closely on the original music by Vivaldi, Bach, et al.”