St Laurent Studio
Yves St Laurent, the youngest among our cherished sound restorers and engineers, is extremely active in the realms of instrumental, orchestral, operatic and vocal restorations of historical performances. He does remarkable restorations of historic performances taken from original 78rpm records, LPs, as well as from original acetates and tape recordings of live performances. As his reputation continues to grow, the demand for his work has increased quite remarkably. His work is accomplished near Montréal where we visit him regularly, frequently bringing him new treasures from our holdings of many generations. He transfers them with great care and remarkable results.

"… fantastic transfers... a wonderful sort of insight in a kind of authentic sound... I think Yves St-Laurent is a jeweler: the craftsmanship is so high here, it’s just lovely !"

- Mark Swartzentruber - Producer, Sunday Morning with Suzy Klein, BBC Radio 3