Florence Foster Jenkins - The Glory (????) of the Human Voice   (RCA 61175)
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Florence Foster Jenkins - The Glory (????) of the Human Voice   (RCA 61175)
V0001. FLORENCE FOSTER JENKINS: The Glory (????) of the Human Voice, incl. Songs by Liadov, McMoon & Bach; Arias from Zauberflöte, Lakmé, La Perle du Brésil & Die Fledermaus; Jenny Williams & Thomas Burns: A Faust Travesty (in English). RCA 61175. Very long out-of-print, final copy! - 090266117529


“Florence Foster Jenkins is empirically the worst singer that ever drew breath - if, that is, one can dignify what she did as singing or admit that the excruciating sounds she emitted involved the exhalation of God's pure air. Prevented by her Pennsylvania father from studying music in Europe, Florence eloped with a doctor to Philadelphia and, after their divorce, founded a Verdi Club with money inherited on her father's death. She gave a début recital in 1912, designing her own costumes which she changed no fewer than three times in an evening. What she lacked in tonal quality, she made up for in tulle. Her head was crowned with a basket of flowers. Polite society, of which she was a pillar, received her efforts . . . politely. The Jenkins recital became a social perennial, graduating to the lesser halls of New York as her celebrity gathered pace. Her last recital was at Carnegie Hall in October 1944, when she was 76 years old, but her voice can still reduce a certified depressive to helpless hilarity. If nothing else, Florence Foster Jenkins added greatly to the comedy of life on earth.”

- Norman Lebrecht, 31 Aug., 2005