Jane Bathori - Complete Solo Recordings    (Marston 51009)
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Jane Bathori - Complete Solo Recordings    (Marston 51009)
V0003. JANE BATHORI: The Complete Solo Recordings, 1928 - 1930, incl. Songs by Mozart, Debussy, Satie, Fauré, Hahn, Ravel, Chabrier, Tailleferre, Bernard, Darcier, Milhaud, etc. Marston 51009, recorded 1928-30. Transfers by Ward Marston. [original release (not a CDR re-release) this two-disc set with English-language booklet has a new jewel case, booklet and cover art in excellent condition; discs are mint.] Long out-of-print, Final Copy! - 638335100920


"Jane Bathori was one of Paris’ musical monuments, a friend of many composers, from Fauré to Debussy to Milhaud, and creator and devoted interpreter of their music. One of her first public appearances was with Reynaldo Hahn, while she later created Ravel’s HISTOIRES NATURELLES to an uncomprehending audience….This is French singing of the old school….”

- Joel Kasow, FANFARE, Nov./Dec., 199

“Jane Bathori was a remarkable turn-of-the-century French soprano who was idolized by the composers who worked with her. Now, thanks to the intrepid producer Ward Marston, we have these delightful performances of songs by Debussy, Ravel, Satie, and Milhaud, so we can idolize her, too. Bathori deftly plays some of the piano accompaniments herself, while the rest are performed by Milhaud [& Tailleferre]. Throughout, she sings with amazing naturalness and flexibility, performing new music as if she has always been singing it - and her enthusiasm is infectious. The soprano's dramatic sense is uncanny in songs like Debussy's ‘Colloque sentimental’, and Satie's eerily spooky ‘Daphénéo’. Bathori was in her 50s when these recordings were made, and her mature voice had a mezzo's warmth. A technically brilliant musician - prized by such tough judges as Toscanini - Bathori, along with her art, is priceless.”

- Benjamin Ivry

“Mezzo-soprano Jane Bathori (1877-1970) was the first of a number of distinguished recitalists who specialized in the French art song repertoire in the first half of the last century (others were Clair Croiza and Ninon Vallin). She recorded little and not until 1929 when she was in her fifties when her voice had lost some of its luster and top range, but it retained considerable beauty and the authority and subtlety of her interpretations were undiminished. She was an exemplar of the distinctive French vocal style, with its emphasis on precise diction and its combination of sensuality and elegance. On this disc, all 26 selections are by French composers--Debussy, Ravel, Satie, Milhaud, etc. The six Milhaud songs are accompanied by the composer and all but one of the others by Bathori herself, who achieves a remarkable integration of words and music. This is especially apparent in the lyricism of Milhaud's ‘Chant de la nourrice’ (from his POÈMES JUIFS) and Debussy's ‘La chevelure’ (CHANSONS DE BILITIS, #2), but her nuanced expressiveness in all the songs is entrancing. Good sound, good notes, and delightful listening.”

- Alex Morin, Audophile Audition, Sept., 2001

“French soprano Jane Bathori championed the songs of modern French composers, inspiring and premiering many of their works. Born in 1877, she refused to make records until these sessions of 1928-1930. By then her voice had lost some of its freshness. It is amply sufficient, however, to convey the beauty of these songs and her idiomatic interpretations, some with the composer at the keyboard, are well-nigh definitive. Her singing embodies traditional French vocal virtues: elegance, rhythmic and verbal acuity, clarity, and precision. Bathori, who once aspired to be a concert pianist, accompanies herself on most of the songs - quite a feat in those days before multitracking and electronic wizardry. As usual, Marston's transfers are outstanding. This disc is a ‘must’ for any lover of French art songs."

- Dan Davis