Paul Derenne;  Henri Sauget    (Memoire Vive 262018)
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Paul Derenne;  Henri Sauget    (Memoire Vive 262018)
V0006. PAUL DERENNE, w.HENRI SAUGET (Pf.): Songs by Gounod, Satie, Debussy, Ravel, Rosenthal, Milhaud, Sauget, Roussel & Poulenc. (France) Mémoire Vive 262018, from Live Radio Performances, 1957 & 1959. [Derenne is fondly remembered from his participation in Nadia Boulanger's historic recording of Monteverdi madrigals which won the Grand Prix du Disque for 1937] Very long out-of-print, Final Copy! - 3383002620184


"Derenne, sticking to the French repertoire, achieves an even higher success rate. The close recording allows us to admire the clarity and evenness of his production, as well as the sheer beauty of his tone. The opening ‘Au rossignol’ is a miracle of control, and an lesson at the other end of the scale from Stich-Randall’s Debussy. There’s variety, too, as in the wonderfully nervous diction he adopts for Ravel’s fusspot cricket in Histoires naturelles. Sauguet was no piano virtuoso, but his playing is of course musical to the nth degree, and his Six Songs on Symbolist Poets display the sensitivity and humour typical of this underrated composer. All in all, the liberation of the INA archives is to be warmly welcomed."

- GRAMOPHONE, March, 2003 INA Mémoire Vive

"This disc is part of a series by which the INA means to remind the world of the greatness of some unjustly forgotten French artists; it has already offered recitals by the soprano Suzanne Danco, the mezzo Irma Kolassi, and the baritone Bernard Kruysen. It has certainly changed my mind about Paul Derenne....a supreme musician who is always mindful that this task is to illuminate a text....The readings of the two Satie numbers, Roussel's 'Jazz dans la nuit,' and especially the Ravel cycle, are revelations."

- David Mason Greene, FANFARE, March/April, 1995