Kenneth Lane;  Otto Herz        (Valhalla 1594)
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Kenneth Lane;  Otto Herz        (Valhalla 1594)
V0015. KENNETH LANE, w.Otto Herz (Pf.): Songs by Mahler, Grieg, Sibelius, Alvarez, Gastaldon, etc.; Arias from Rienzi, L'Arlesiana, La Juive, Judas Maccabaeus, Verdi Requiem, etc. Valhalla 1594, undated (prior to 1994) Live Performance, Carnegie Hall. Program notes inscribed & autographed by Lane.


“Mr. Lane's tenor is appropriately Wagnerian in both size and timbre, a very large, baritonally-centered, and some what burnished instrument with a carrying power many current tenors would kill for - one capable of negotiating top notes with ease.

Words mean a great deal in his view of things, and Mr. Lane's total dramatic commitment to both the music and texts was evident in every line he sang throughout the evening.”