The 1903 Grand Opera Series  (2-Sony MH2K 62334)
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The 1903 Grand Opera Series  (2-Sony MH2K 62334)
V0016. THE 1903 GRAND OPERA SERIES, featuring Suzanne Adams, Campanari, Edouard de Reszke, Gilibert, Sembrich, Schumann-Heink & Scotti. (Austria) 2-Sony MH2K 62334, recorded 1902-07. Transfers by Seth B. Winner. Gatefold Jacket has 46pp Brochure, w.archival photos. Also included is reprint of Original 48pp. Columbia 1903 Grand Opera Catalogue. Discs have original Columbia black and orange 78rpm labels. Long out-of-print, Final Copy! - 074646233429


“The First Recordings of Opera in America, from the liner notes quoted from the 1903 release of this material. For the first time in the history of the talking-machine art, successful records have been made of the voices of world-renowned singers, Edouard de Reszke the greatest living bass, Scotti and Campanari the greatest baritones, and many other members of the Metropolitan Opera Company. Originally, each singer had their group of songs pressed into 10 discs. Only recently have I really listened to it. The 1903 acoustic recordings have aged well, and sound surprisingly good for 119 year old primitive recording technology. Male voices record surprisingly well female voices somewhat less so. What really impressed me, however, are the trills sung by Madame Schumann-Heink!”

- Z. D. Akron