Jon Vickers;  Richard Woitach      (CBC PSCD 2024)
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Jon Vickers;  Richard Woitach      (CBC PSCD 2024)
V0029. JON VICKERS, w.Richard Woitach (Pf.): Songs by Vaughan Williams, Beethoven, Scarlatti, Handel, Purcell, Dvorák, etc. (Canada) CBC PSCD 2024, Live Performance, 1974, Edmonton, Alberta. Final Sealed Copy! - 059582202425


“Taped live in 1974 at the Student Union Theatre at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Jon Vickers is a magnificently protean artist. The program ranges from Scarlatti through Purcell to Handel, from Beethoven and Dvorak to Vaughan Williams and traditional Irish folk songs. Everything emerges stylistically as pure Vickers - it would not be possible to mistake even a bar of his singing here for anyone else's - which is not to say he blurs the distinctions between one song and the next, but that his expressive armory is so consistent, and indeed so persistent, that the communicative zeal never abates.

Four songs each by Scarlatti and Purcell are no mere antique-music vocal warm-ups but fully engaged performances, unfurled with vividly clear enunciation, a subtle sense of the music's structure and an intuitive feeling for characterization and atmosphere. From these, it is but one formal step toward the extended scene, ‘Total Eclipse’, from Handel's SAMSON - the recital's sole representation of a Vickers signature operatic role-in which the lead-up recitatives are almost unbearably charged with dramatic anguish.”

- Urjo Kareda, OPERA CANADA