Emma Calve           (Romophone 81024)
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Emma Calve           (Romophone 81024)
V0030. EMMA CALVE: The Complete Victor Recordings, 1907 - 1916, incl. all alternative issued 'Takes.' Also featuring Calvé's legendary recording, made three days before her death, 5 Jan., 1942, reading extracts from her Autobiography. Songs by Martini, Gounod, Yradier, de l'Isle, Stephen Foster, etc.; Arias from Hérodiade, La Perle du Brésil, Carmen & Cavalleria. (England) Romophone 81024. Transfers by Ward Marston. Elaborate booklet featuring discographic data, photos & extensive notes by J.B. Steane. Very Long out-of-print, Final ever-so-slightly used copy! - 754238102424


"[In the above], hear one of the miracles of singing snatched by the early gramophone. In the folksong 'Ma Lisette', Calvé makes her famous leap up to a high, pianissimo D that is one of those notes from what she called her 'fourth voice'. She had learned the technique, she claimed, from Domenico Mustafa, one of the last of the Papal castrati. What is remarkable about the note is its fullness despite its quietness."


"They're very collectable, these Romophone complete editions. Up they go on the shelves, and you know that there is another small but quite important area in the history of singing on records properly covered, ready for reference at any time, and reference that will be a pleasure because the standard of transfer is so reliable."

- J. B. Steane, GRAMOPHONE, Feb., 1995