Germaine Feraldy         (Malibran 510)
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Germaine Feraldy         (Malibran 510)
V0036. GERMAINE FÉRALDY: Songs by Charpentier & Perez (both Acc. by the Composer);  Arias from Nozze, Zauberflöte, Barbiere, Prodaná Nevesta, Mignon, Les Pêcheurs de Perles, Carmen, Le Pré aux Clercs, Lakmé, Manon & Paul et Virginie (the latter Acc. by the Composer, Bruneau). (France) Malibran 510, recorded 1925-34. Long out-of-print, Final Copy! - 3760003775103


“Germaine Féraldy's… voice itself is lovely - clear, clean, and shimmering in timbre - but voice per se is not what Féraldy is about. She presents the essence of charm, a quality hardly cultivated or even properly understood among singers today in any vocal category. Charm almost embarrasses artists nowadays, seeming a rather old-fashioned virtue. Féraldy's gracious, ultra-feminine style summons up another age altogether, when singing actresses knew how to portray both flirtatiousness and vulnerability onstage without affectation. In Féraldy's voice one hears a singer whose every word and phrase brings the youthful, fragile heroines of French opera to life.” - Roger Pines, THE OPERA QUARTERLY, Vol. 19, #3

[Féraldy’s] is a uniquely French soprano, never acidic, but with just a touch of tannin to make it special. She is another of those charmers, the voice always feminine and light of touch.

- Larry Lustig, THE RECORD COLLECTOR, 2007