Edith Mason             (Romophone 81009)
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Edith Mason             (Romophone 81009)
V0043. EDITH MASON: The Complete Recordings, 1924 - 1928, incl. four previously Unpublished. (England) Romophone 81009. Transfers by Ward Marston; included is an elaborate booklet featuring full discographic data, photos & extensive notes by Edward Hagelin Pearson. Very long out-of-print, Final ever-so-slightly used copy! - 754238100925


"Having just gained and lost the services of Elisabeth Schumann...Gatti-Casazza desperately needed a Sophie for the [1915] season's first ROSENKAVALIERS, and after basking in Mason's silvery soprano, few had any regrets about the replacement....Considering how greatly she was esteemed and how well she knew her worth, Mason left an amazingly small recorded legacy...."

- Peter G. Davis, THE AMERICAN OPERA SINGER, pp.296-97

"In Teresa del Riego's 'Oh, dry those tears', which seems rather to have been calculated to set them flowing with renewed vigour, [Mason] offers the real portamento style....The Entrance of Butterfly, where Puccini's lyrical and theatrical genius combine to make a most potent effect, has to withstand strong competition but it need bow to none, for its vocal ease and security are unsurpassed....a lovely singer."


"They're very collectable, these Romophone complete editions. Up they go on the shelves, and you know that there is another small but quite important area in the history of singing on records properly covered, ready for reference at any time, and reference that will be a pleasure because the standard of transfer is so reliable." - J. B. Steane, GRAMOPHONE, Feb., 1995