Maria Callas  -  Complete Studio Recordings         (70-EMI 3959182)
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Maria Callas  -  Complete Studio Recordings         (70-EMI 3959182)
V0048. MARIA CALLAS - The Complete Studio Recordings. (E.U.) 70-EMI 3959182, recorded 1949-69, w.CD-ROM & accompanying 103pp Brochure. Handsome hardcover Slipcase Edition , 70 CDs in printed cardboard wallets, colour booklet including a broad selection of photos. [This boxed set contains EVERYTHING La Divina recorded in the studio, including newly-licensed and newly-remastered material! That's the first 69 CDs; the 70th CD is a CD-ROM containing the tracklists and photos. And the set comes inside a hardcover slipcase containing a color booklet packed with even more photos of this most photogenic of opera singers. As for the contents, well, again, it's EVERYTHING she did in the studio. Go to for more data, because we can't describe 69 CDs!] Excellent, possibly very slightly used copy appears as new. - 094639591824