Harold Wayne Collection, Vol. XXX   (Symposium 1223)
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Harold Wayne Collection, Vol. XXX   (Symposium 1223)
V0052. HAROLD WAYNE COLLECTION, Vol. XXX: Elena & Victoria Theodorides, Storchio, Bréjean-Silver, de Ségur, Labia, Vlachopoulos, Perea, Ventura, Stracciari, Bourdon, Bianco-Tamagno, Bobkova, Grüning, Malata, Bressler-Gianoli, Ackté, Farneti, Burzio, Bellantoni, Galand, Seligman & McCormack. (England) Symposium 1223, Recorded 1904-16. Long out-of-print, Final Sealed Copy! - 760411223022


"This is one of the most interesting and important collections of historic vocal material to have yet appeared. Many of these recordings are of surpassing rarity, and a few may well be unique copies....Bréjean-Silver's highly idiosyncratic version of Rosina's opening solo immediately proves an eye-opener. The soprano, who fascinated Massenet sufficiently for him to write an extra solo for her in MANON, reveals her true worth far more clearly here than on nearly all her other recordings combined....[she] also displays a hitherto unsuspected, magisterial, vocal grandeur....Another very rare disc harbors the lovely voice of Jeanne Bourdon in Gounod's luscious air from CINQ MARS. This is as potent a demonstration of the now lost French school of singing as could be found....[Ackté] sings Messager as if to the manner born. The transfers are, in the main, very clean and forward. Notes on the singers and performances are well written and informative. A most praiseworthy issue."

- Vivian A. Liff, AMERICAN RECORD GUIDE, May/June, 1998