Charles Dalmores & Louis Cazette  (Symposium 1262)
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Charles Dalmores & Louis Cazette  (Symposium 1262)
V0078. CHARLES DALMORÈS & LOUIS CAZETTE. (England) Symposium 1262. Long out-of-print, Final Copy! - 760411262021


"…[Dalmorès’] style is exemplary, and the phrasing and attack that of a consummate musician. He also supplies the written trill in the TROVATORE excerpt – a vital component of the aria, but largely ignored by contemporary tenors….”

- Vivian Liff, CLASSIC RECORD COLLECTOR, Spring, 2001

"… Cazette…seems to possess naturalness and a certain sincerity of expression. Besides, the voice is beautiful, even, and correctly produced with an agreeable timbre and satisfying accuracy. This is all I can say today with some certainty about this artist, who unquestionably possesses many gifts.”

- Raymond Charpentier, COMOEDIA, 23 Jan., 1920