Maria Kurenko     (VAI 1094)
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Maria Kurenko     (VAI 1094)
V0096. Maria Kurenko, w.Pastukhoff & Rosenthal (Pfs.): Rachmaninov Recital. VAI 1094, recorded 1950-51. - 089948109426


“Maria Kurenko defies the years at age 60 (Nezhdanova, Obukhova, [Koshetz] and Kurenko all had the same teacher, Umberto Masetti, and were known for longevity of voice.”

- Richard D. Sylvester, RACHMANINOFF’S COMPLETE SONGS, p.223

“Kurenko was especially famous as an interpreter of Gretchaninov. The composer had left Russia in 1925 and now spent most of his time in Paris and the USA….She was his preferred interpreter of his songs and they gave several all-Gretchaninov [recitals] together….”

- Larry Lustig, THE RECORD COLLECTOR, 1997

“Madame Kurenko’s studio was an intellectual and artistic salon. Composers frequently visited her and sought her advice on music. Or they gave her samples of their music and asked her to sing them, or have her students sing them. She had an enormous music library consisting of many manuscripts and originally-transcribed music from outstanding composers.”

- Diana Corto, THE RECORD COLLECTOR, 1997