Claudia Novikova  &  Nadezhda Obukhova      (Eclectra E CCD-2029)
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Claudia Novikova  &  Nadezhda Obukhova      (Eclectra E CCD-2029)
V0114. CLAUDIA NOVIKOVA:  Laughing with Novikova, incl. Arias from The Geisha (Two Versions), La Périchole (Acts I & II Arias), Die Fledermaus, Boccaccio, Die Lustige Witwe & Sorochinski Fair; NADEZHDA OBUKHOVA:  Obukhova in Song, incl. Songs by Gurilyov, Tschaikowsky, Rachmaninoff, Listov, Blanter, Budashkin, Varlamov, etc.   Eclectra E CCD-2029. - 721772202927


"After years of scarcity, the privately-produced CD of the 1940 Russian records of CLAUDIA NOVIKOVA is once again available. The producer discovered an errant box of them, neatly hidden away! As a result, there are now a very limited number of copies available. This is a welcome boon since this rare CD has been appearing on Amazon for prices ranging from $200.00 and higher! It is once again available at a mere $19.90.

Although she had a very long and successful career performing operettas in the Soviet Union, soprano Claudia Novikova made only 9 recordings. Her recording of ‘Ah, quel diner' from Offenbach's LA PÉRICHOLE is legendary. Almost as much fun and perhaps even more astonishing techniquewise, ‘The Song of the Laugh’ was interpolated into performances of Sidney Jones' operetta, THE GEISHA, to highlight her unique and inimitably delightful gifts. Her voice and phrasing would melt stone - where did those low notes come from?”

- Off the Beaten Path, THE CLASSICAL SINGER

“Claudia Novikova studied with the contralto Eugenia Zbruyeva and in 1920 débuted in Odessa, then later appearing at the Hermitage Theatre in Moscow. Her career gathered momentum when she devoted herself to operetta, then in 1926 joined the Moscow Operetta Theater where she was a member of the group until her retirement in 1958. Her record ‘Song of the laugh’ from Sidney Jones’ operetta THE GEISHA made her famous. In 1947 she received the distinction of Honorary Artist of the Soviet Union.”

- Ned Ludd

"Alongside [Obukhova’s] wonderful interpretations of operatic arias and the songs of Tchaikowsky and other Russian composers so seldom heard in our concert halls, she recorded many lighter items including, believe it or not, several of the most hackneyed Neapolitan songs….[trifles] but what charm in the singing!"

- Christopher Norton-Welsh, THE RECORD COLLECTOR, 2007