Clara Butt, Vol. I  (The Acoustic Years)     (2-Marston 52029)
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Clara Butt, Vol. I  (The Acoustic Years)     (2-Marston 52029)
V0119. CLARA BUTT: Songs by Giordani, Beethoven, Sullivan, del Riego, Chaminade, Needham, Trevalsa, Brewer, Hatton, Hawley, Liddle, Parry, Cowen, Thomas, Sanderson, Crouch, Fauré, White, Lie, Hullah, German, Liza Lehmann & Broadwood; Arias from Alessandro, Sosarme, Xerxes, Orfeo, La Favorita, Faust, Samson et Dalila, Lucrezia Borgia & Don Carlos. 2-Marston 52029, recorded 1909-25. Transfers by Ward Marston. Long out-of-print, Final Sealed Copy! - 638335202921


“The selections on [the above] two discs, all acoustics, date from 1909 to 1925, when [Butt] was in her prime….the grandeur of her voice, and its incredible blend of registers from the depth of her chest voice to the bright top notes, is impressive. Her ‘O don fatale’ reveals her marvelous command of legato, and the voice has the quality of a mighty organ….Historical collectors should not hesitate, and novices who are interested in putting themselves into an aural time machine will find much to wonder at and enjoy.”

- Bob Rose, FANFARE, May/June, 2001

“The greatest voice that has come from a national institution is Clara Butt’s…..”

- Blanche Marchesi, SINGER’S PILGRIMAGE, p 222

“Clara Butt possessed one of the greatest and most powerful contralto voices; there was a vast and ‘baritonal’ bottom and a lighter toned pure top. Her repertory consisted of oratorio arias, ballads and songs (although she had some opera arias in her repertory). Today, most of her repertoire might not be of much interest, but we have to realize that Dame Clara had to sing against the background of Victorian taste. Her true contralto voice, however, is one of the most glorious ever recorded.”

- Andrea Shum-Binder, subito-cantabile