Nadezhda Obukhova    (Arlecchino ARL 124)
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Nadezhda Obukhova    (Arlecchino ARL 124)
V0151. NADEZHDA OBUKHOVA: A Portrait of a Russian Singer (w.Andrei Ivanov (baritone), Xenia Dzerzhinskaya (soprano), Ludmila Stavrovskaya (mezzo-soprano), Nikolai Ozerov (tenor), Venyamin Shevtzov (tenor), incl. Songs by Glinka, Verstovsky, Dargomyzhsky, Rimsky-Korsakoff, LIstov, de Curtis, Cr‚mieux & Arditi, etc.; Arias & Scenes from Pique Dame, Sadko, Tsar's Bride, Werther & Carmen. (Austria) Arlecchino ARL 124, recorded 1937-52, partially Live Performances, also featuring Obukhova's spoken recollections of Bolshoi début. Handsome Slipcase Edition. Very long out-of-print, Final Copy. - 8016811751248


"Alongside [Obukhova’s] wonderful interpretations of operatic arias and the songs of Tchaikowsky and other Russian composers so seldom heard in our concert halls, she recorded many lighter items including, believe it or not, several of the most hackneyed Neapolitan songs….[trifles] but what charm in the singing!"

- Christopher Norton-Welsh, THE RECORD COLLECTOR, 2007

“Nadezhda Obukhova was one of Russia’s most beloved artists during the post-war years. Already aged 28 at the outbreak of World War I, she could well be expected to have recorded during the pre-electric period. Why she was not given the opportunity to do so, will probably never be known. Listening to her records of 1937 onwards you can hardly believe that this is the voice of a 51 years old singer! Hers was a light, lyrical and colorful mezzo-soprano, easily reaching into the low register but with a curiously light, almost soprano timbre in the middle register. She was one of the singers who always sang within their means. You will never hear her darkening the voice or making it heavier for effect which is certainly one of the reasons for her longevity. If you compare her earlier recordings of 1937 with her final recording of 1960 (which was the song ‘Kalinushka Malinushka’), breath and legato are not only intact but better than most singers half her age!”

- Andrea Shum-Binder, subito-cantabile