Lotte Lehmann;  Paul Ulanowsky           (Romophone 81033)
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Lotte Lehmann;  Paul Ulanowsky           (Romophone 81033)
V0157. LOTTE LEHMANN: Songs by Gruber, Hahn, Duparc, Paladilhe, Irving Berlin, Molloy, Schumann, Schubert, Brahms & Strauss. (England) Romophone 81033, The Complete Victor Recordings, 1947-49, incl. one Unpublished. Transfers by Mark Obert-Thorn. Elaborate booklet w.discographic data, photos & notes by Alan Blyth. Long out-of-print, Final Copy! - 754238103322


"Best of all, perhaps, are some surprises from the 1949 session, the two gentle songs by Reynaldo Hahn. This is one of those records that revolve in the mind long after it has stopped playing. And, talking of playing, a further salute is owed to Paul Ulanowsky, whose accompaniments have skill, spirit and insight matching the singer’s own.”

- John Steane, GRAMOPHONE, July, 2000

“I and many other singers can call ourselves lucky to have created great music and characters together with a woman and an artist such as Lotte Lehmann….Lotte as well as I sang and lived the parts the way Richard, Cosima and Siegfried thought they should be.”


"They're very collectable, these Romophone complete editions. Up they go on the shelves, and you know that there is another small but quite important area in the history of singing on records properly covered, ready for reference at any time, and reference that will be a pleasure because the standard of transfer is so reliable."

- J. B. Steane, GRAMOPHONE, Feb., 1995