Paul Bender;  Michael Raucheisen;  Wilhelm Grosz   (Symposium 1313)
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Paul Bender;  Michael Raucheisen;  Wilhelm Grosz   (Symposium 1313)
V0168. PAUL BENDER: Songs by Schubert, Loewe & Wolf; Arias from Deborah (Handel), Zauberflöte, La Juive, Gringoire (Brüll), Der Waffenschmied, Der Barbier von Bagdad, Lohengrin & Götterdämmerung -recorded 1907-30; w.Michael Raucheisen & Wilhelm Grosz (Pfs.): Songs by Loewe, Gräener & Kowalski - recorded 1933. [Bender's captivating rendition of Loewe's 'Erlkönig' alone is worth the price of the CD!] (England) Symposium 1313. Final Sealed Copy! - 760411313020


"I had the good fortune to be able to learn and profit from the impressions any number of great recitalists made on me in the course of my long life, but ultimately it was Paul Bender and Karl Erb who sparked my great love for the art song.”

- Hans Hotter, MEMOIRS, pp.122-23

“Trying to sum up the versatility of the singer Paul Bender, one has to point out especially the stylistic imprint and the universal significance of his art which he left over several decades. As a lied singer he was able to add new expressive dimensions to the art of song and most of all his interpretations of ballades by Carl Loewe anticipated many a modern and dramatic interpretation of today. The stage artist Paul Bender, too, set new standards as far as veracity of acting and movement was concerned. Humanity and a natural sense for comedy towered over the scenery whenever Paul Bender stood on stage. His art lives on and has not lost any of its validity as you will hear from the music on this CD.”

- Ned Ludd